About Us

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About keeDas

KeeDas is committed to investment, developing, intergrating, and producing high quality, cost effective products in security industry. The product range include:

  • Pedestrian Control Equipment
  • Vehicle Control Equipment
  • Access Control & Parking System
  • Visitor Management System
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Anti-Drone Systems

With the wide variety of the products, we are capable of offering the most suitable solutions for the different needs. Together with the high efficiency of protection the specific area, high safety to the people and top level environmentally friendly, we are one of the best choice for security applications.

Why Choose Us

- 01
Originated from the experience and technology inherit of famous Italian company with over 20 years history
- 02
Achievement of the deep cooperation of famous security specialists from all over the world.
- 03
World top level components suppliers
- 04
Solution oriented philosophy of product design
- 05
Made-in-China cost advantages
- 06
Localized Intelligent System